PURE CLEAR HOD-UV applies patented fiber-optic principles to provide industry-level purification to every shower, faucet, and fountains in your property.


PURE CLEAR HOD-UV is powered by Atlantium – with over 4000 installations world-wide and 15 years of a proven track record, PURE CLEAR HOD-UV is the trusted purification solution for the leading pharmaceutical and beverage manufacturing companies around the globe.


 PURE CLEAR HOD-UV is field-proven and certified by the highest regulatory standards for EPA, FDA, NVI and PMO with accredited
validation for 4-log (99.99%) and 5-log (99.999%) microbial inactivation

Total internal Reflection

At the core of PURE CLEAR HOD-UV is a patented reflection chamber which uses fibre optic principles to trap and repeatedly reflect
UV rays to achieve the phenomenon of Total Internal Reflection (TIR). This ensures a uniform UV dose inside the chamber,
improved energy use, maximized purification power, and eliminates sediment shadows.


 PURE CLEAR HOD-UV is a centralized water purification system installed into the heating and/or cooling water lines of the property. PURE CLEAR HOD-UV provides microbiologically purified water to all areas: taps, showers, hot water storage tanks, fountains, steam rooms, food and beverage kitchens.

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